Superior IT to the Warfighter, Faster. The DoD supports use on nnon-DoD contracts if the products and services available meet or exceed DoD schedule or permance requirements. Department of Defense logo.

You don't have to use DoD contracts if NITAAC is the better choice.

With a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) regarding the use of NITAAC contracts, a current FY 801 Certification and a clear directive by the Secretary of Defense to find more effective ways to secure IT, NITAAC encourages DoD entities to use our GWACs for fast, flexible and affordable procurements.

In fact, the DoD has long supported the use of non-DoD contracts if the products and services available meet or exceed DoD schedule or performance requirements. Even if the needed items are already provided under a DoD contract, exceptions can be made for:

  • More favorable or better pricing
  • Greater competition leading to better technical solutions
  • More advantageous terms or conditions including faster delivery

If you're concerned about program fees, DFARS 217.7802 says that cost effectiveness, including taking into account discounts and fees, are factors in a best interest decision. The best interest determination should also address the basis for concluding that the fees charged are fair and reasonable for the effort and expertise provided; and commensurate with the tasks to be accomplished.

The bottom line for COs: as long as the need is documented and in the best interest of the DoD, the decision to use a NITAAC GWAC is yours.

HHS Authorized Contracting Offices for DoD Assisted Acquisitions Memo

Dr. Angela Billups, HHS Senior Procurement Executive, issued a memo dated September 9, 2015 to Ms. Claire Grady, Department of Defense (DoD), identifying HHS contracting offices with authority to conduct assisted acquisitions on behalf of the DoD. 

The National Institutes of Health, Office of Acquisitions and Logistics Management (OALM), NITAAC's parent office, was identified as one of the authorized HHS contracting offices. 

Click here to view the memo. (.pdf file)

Dedicated warfighter support.

  • MOA between DoD and NIH/NITAAC
  • Supported by DPAP for direct acquisitions
  • Leading defense industry contractors
  • Multiple GWACS for IT commodities, services and solutions
  • No special "Delegation of Procurement Authority" required by NITAAC; use e-GOS system now
  • Free training is available on-site, in the classroom or via WebEx

Own the information, advance the mission.

As recent DoD directives confirm, purchasing decisions should be based on delivering best value to the taxpayer and superior capability to the warfighter in the shortest possible time. Congress authorized GWACs for exactly this purpose - there is simply no faster, more flexible, value-oriented vehicle for purchasing information technology.

GWACS enable you to realize the continual benefits of competition by providing fair opportunity to a highly qualified cadre of contract holders every time a requirement is submitted. NITAAC's e-GOS system is aligned with new DoD directives, enabling customers to mandate affordability and set and manage shorter timeframes. With today's battlefield as dependent on bits and bytes as bullets, the speed of NITAAC GWACs can be a crucial factor in mission success.