ECS III. Welcome to the fast lane. Faster. Easier. Cost Competitive. NEW!!! ECS III is pleased to announce a six-month extension through May 9, 2015. Customers will still have the option to assign a 5-year period of performance to all new Delivery Orders.

Customers who require access to the ECS III RFQ System, please click here


Fast, easy procurement of IT products and services.

Let NITAAC show you how to quickly and easily complete and manage IT requirements, and meet your socioeconomic goals, without sacrificing quality or compliance. Our secure, web-based Request For Quote (RFQ) System automates delivery order management, set-asides, awardee selection and notification. It also features an easy-to-use RFI tool for market research. If your requirements are complete, you can upload them in 10 minutes or less. Try the system by clicking Log In at the top right, or contact the Customer Support Center for assistance.

Free customer support and training deliver best value.

Contact the NITAAC Customer Support Center for help at any time throughout the acquisition process. Our team is available to answer questions and/or train you and your contracting staff to get the most out of ECS III. Try the system by clicking the button at the top right, or schedule a training here.

Smart Card Readers for NIH. (Updated)

These have been pre-competed for speed and convenience. Instructions for purchasing Smart Card Readers here.

NITAAC program benefits.

  • Easy-to-use, secure web-based RFQ ordering system for automated delivery order competition, management, awardee selection and notification.
  • No special "Delegation of Procurment Authority" is required by NITAAC
  • Customer Support Center provides 1-hour response to any contractual, technical or procedural question
  • Free training on GWACs, FAR 16, NITAAC contracts and NITAAC online ordering systems; certification for 2 CLPs awarded

GWAC benefits.

  • Streamlined ordering and procedures under FAR Subpart 16.505 save time, money and resources.
  • Delivery orders placed directly by agency with end-to-end management by procuring CO
  • Best available prices negotiated at the master contract level
  • Delivery order competition drives prices even lower
  • Customized terms, conditions, products and related services easily added at the delivery order level

Satisfy virtually every IT need with products and services at fixed prices.

Smartphones. Applications. Research Stations. Installations. Extended warranties. Enterprise Licensing. Cloud Computing. NITAAC Contract Holders either have the products and services you're looking for, or can add them to the ECS III Contract within hours. Expand the lots below to see what each entails. Lots are intended as a guide, and do not preclude placing any IT requirement. If you need help determining where your particular requirement fits, contact the Customer Support Center.

LOT 1 is for the following items:

  • Handheld Computing Devices (including peripherals) - Peripherals are anything directly attached to Desktop and laptop computers such as a printer, monitor or keyboard. Other examples include a projector that displays output from a computer on a careen or a digital camera that allows downloads to a computer.
  • Workstations - Workstations are defined as computers designed for multiple concurrent users. Servers and server ancillary equipment such as server racks and server cabling also belong here.
  • Software - This normally entails software that is bundled /packaged with other items such as warranty, maintenance support or installations for a single price. However, stand-alone software products will also be accepted here.
  • Networking Equipment - This includes routers, switches, firewalls and network storage devices, network racks and other network associated ancillary equipment. Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony may also be placed in this LOT or LOT 2.

LOT2 is for the following items: 

  • Anything related to telephony and telecommunications but not limited to network routers, switches, repeaters and cabling
  • IP telephony can be in this lot, or can be considered Networking Equipment (See LOT1 details).

LOT3 is for the following items:

  • Other electronic devices must conform to the FAR definition of Information Technology (FAR 2.101).
  • Racks, cables and other ancillary equipment related to the research workstations will also be accepted in Lot 3.

LOT 4 is for the following items: 

  • Preferred Lot for enterprise software (i.e. ERP Software, PeopleSoft/Oracle, MS SharePoint, SAP)
  • Operating systems i.e. Windows, MAC, LINUX, etc

Lot 5 provides customers with items such as technical support, repairs, software upgrades, hardware (firmware) updates and replacement.

These products are generally purchased for a term of 1, 3 or 5 years. Customers may purchase extended warranties and maintenance plans from ECS III even if they purchased their original warranty elsewhere.

Some examples of Lot 5 items are:

Lot 6 provides customers with items such as hardware and software installation, training, software and hardware configuration and integration, equipment leasing and subscription service for a fixed fee. (Direct labor rates, such as, Developer per hour rates and categories, such as “Travel” or “Project Manager”, are outside the scope of ECS III.)  


Contract details.

  • Open to all federal employees - civilian and DoD
  • Designated HHS strategic source
  • $6 billion contract ceiling
  • 6 lots covering hardware, software, networking and telecommunications equipment, scientfic research stations, warranties and maintenance service and more
  • Fees are 1/2% with $10,000 cap per delivery order, modification or exercise of option
  • Consolidated Procurements can be utilized