Need information technology for the lab and office? NIH has its own contracting program for standard or custom IT products, services and solutions. NIH logo.

Why NITAAC makes sense for NIH.

NITAAC is part of NIH: The NIH Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC). Our Program office has three Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) that can help you get your information technology (IT) faster. NITAAC resides within the Office of Logistics and Acquisition Operations (OLAO), which provides a wide variety of high quality and outstanding services to NIH, HHS and other federal agencies. NIH labs and offices come to NITAAC for standard or customized IT products, services and solutions because our prices are low and our process is fast. 

What NIH can buy through NITAAC.

NITAAC GWACs provide you with both general and Health IT products and services from a group of pre-screened, highly qualified companies that have already been verified for integrity and expertise.

Intramural and extramural employees will find our contract holders were selected to meet research and health-related IT needs including:

  • Computers, servers and IT-related products for the lab or office
  • Software for routine or customized purposes in the lab or office
  • Customized Health IT Solutions for lab, extramural programs, CIO-specific functions and other internal NIH activities

From the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to the Primary Investigator (PI), customers can count on NITAAC for faster procurement of IT products, services and solutions.

How we benefit the NIH community.

  • Product pricing is lower than open market, less than or equal to GSA
  • Services at competitive, pre-competed prices that can be negotiated lower
  • Customer can select awardees based on their best value criteria
  • Customized terms and conditions relevant to your task or delivery order can be easily added
  • No special "Delegation of Procurement Authority" is needed from NITAAC to use our GWACs or online system

Additional benefit from FAR Part 16

  • Two levels of contract competition for the greatest savings
  • No need to synopsize or post requirements according to FAR Subpart 16.505(a)(1)

Call us to get started.

Our team of Contract and Program Specialists are ready to help you and your contracting staff. Use our easy online ordering system for faster competition and requirements management, or contact our Customer Support Center and we'll answer your questions, arrange a free training, and help you get started right away.


Link to contract for details:
Use for IT Services/Solutions that require customized programming or applications such as data capture, research analytics, cloud computing or IT consulting.
Use for IT Commodities/Solutions such as hardware, software and peripherals or warranty services and maintenance plus commodity-enabling solutions like cloud computing.