CIO-SP4 Update 7/9/2021

Do you have a J.3 Past Performance Questionnaire that requires a signature for CIO-SP3? Please submit your request to the This enables NITAAC to better track requests, so nothing is missed.

Also, do you have a J.6 Self Scoring Sheet Experience Template that requires a NITAAC signature? If you attach a printout from FPDS with your proposal submission, then a signature is not required. Amendment 0006 provides more details regarding this requirement and can be viewed at

It should be noted that FPDS has a notice that the FPDS reports module is now retired. However, if you are searching for details on specific contracts, continue using FPDS ezSearch as FPDS remains the authoritative source for entering and viewing details about contract award data.

All amendments to the solicitation will be posted to However, please periodically check for news and information regarding CIO-SP4.