Assisted Acquisitions

Finding what technology works best for your specific agency can be a long and arduous process, but it doesn’t have to be. Talk to one of our warranted contracting professionals to nail down the best fit for your agency.

Assisted Acquisitions

NITAAC provides warranted, FAC-C Level-III certified contracting officers to support your assisted acquisition from planning to task order closeout.

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As a partner in your acquisition, it is important to establish a Request Form and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) early in the planning process. That way, support services are clearly defined based on your mission-critical IT needs. NITAAC will work on pre-acquisition planning support while the MOA is created and approved. We also offer comprehensive strategy sessions to support your requirement through RFIs or other market research.

Listed to the right are the documents you need for a complete acquisition package. NITAAC can help in developing your package, but the more you provide upfront, the faster we can prepare your formal solicitation. If you have additional questions about NITAAC Assisted Acquisition Services, please feel free to contact the Customer Support Center via email, or via phone at 1-888-773-6542.

Procurement Acquisition Lead Time (PALT)

Rate Information

One Fee for All Acquisition Types
2% of total obligation
Cancellation Fee $65.00 per hour of time consumed

(Obligated Amount + NCAF) + Assisted Order Fee = Total Effort Amount


Please note that the procurement acquisition lead time begins when we receive a complete acquisition package, and ends upon award. Typical requirements will be completed within the following lead times:

  • Competitive acquisitions – Up to 90 Days
  • Sole Source acquisitions – Up to 30 days

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