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How to ease DoD’s acquisition stress

The Department of Defense’s efforts to secure the nation continues to expand into new realms—from the cyber world to satellites orbiting Earth. As operations and programs expand, the contracting officers’ workloads don’t go away, particularly the everyday procurements and administrative duties.

NITAAC recognized the pressure on KOs to finish their current procurements and the new procurements on their desks. To help, we expanded our Assisted Acquisition Services to support the DoD. It was a natural move to offer our acquisition expertise, where overwhelming IT workloads could use the additional support, so you can focus on high-priority mission deliverables.

How will we ease your stress? We offer our customers:

  • Warranted, FAC-C Level III certified Contracting Officers (KOs). We are staffed with certified, warranted COs who have been around defense and IT acquisitions for years. They have worked with and solved a variety of challenges in order to assure delivery of mission-critical technology solutions that are on time and within budget.
  • The best fit. We will pair you with one of our experienced contracting officers who matches what you need. To do so, we consider the size and complexity of your requirement, the culture of your organization, and agency specific clauses and regulations to develop an acquisition strategy that meets your needs.
  • Our three OMB-approved GWACs. We have a wide range of IT services, solutions and products available as well as access to the leading defense companies. We have 20 of the top 25 companies on Washington Technology’s annual Top 100 List. Our GWACs also allow you to make small business set-asides without switching to another contracting program.
  • A fast-moving acquisition process. Acquisition is our forte. Our professionals know the inner workings of defense acquisition. We use proven, agile methods for acquisition planning and procurements. You’ll also have access to NITAAC’s contract holders; firms that have already been rigorously vetted for criteria such as past performance, price and technical expertise so clients can trust their solutions will work and be delivered on time and at budget.
  • Lifecycle follow-through. Our COs will handle the entire project, cradle to grave. From market research, to solicitation, negotiation and award, administration, and finally contract closeout. You’ll also have a detailed contract file and database of record for reference, and lessons learned for developing future best practices.

DoD’s work spans from the warfighter on the frontlines to the cyber experts protecting the department’s IT networks. We can handle your acquisition needs with flexible contracts, agile acquisitions and superb services, giving you more hours in a day.

To boil it down, you focus on the warfighter. The contracts will be our business.