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The Next Great IT Vehicle Promises Far Reaching Change

Since NITAAC was founded in 1996 as part of the Clinger-Cohen Act, our federal acquisition program has been focused on reimagining information technology procurements with outstanding customer service. In that time, NITAAC has proudly served nearly every federal agency and department in the United States through multiple iterations of our popular technology contracts. In fact, in the last decade, since the inception of the Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3) suite of Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), we have helped compete more than 2,000 task orders for federal agencies and awarded more than $40 billion in federal information technology acquisitions.

Annual Award Totals By GWAC
FY Count Amount Count Amount
2012 16 $127,460,274.93 9 $34,544,360.00
2013 48 $1,621,588,463.94 73 $910,907,874.64
2014 81 $2,294,093,294.73 118 $1,918,423,820.44
2015 79 $2,208,431,658.80 152 $1,509,447,910.31
2016 82 $3,357,499,727.16 134 $1,077,394,767.87
2017 71 $2,202,708,072.18 119 $1,644,946,844.45
2018 58 $1,829,336,183.50 77 $1,581,462,261.25
2019 69 $3,622,932,693.76 113 $1,934,128,119.70
2020 74 $2,051,144,970.04 148 $2,098,475,831.63
2021 62 $1,396,951,448.27 203 $2,747,905,800.68
2022 48 $1,037,071,531.64 180 $3,606,488,222.95
Grand Totals 688 $21,749,218,318.95 1326 $19,064,125,813.92

This is a history we are very proud of and appreciate your partnership in making NITAAC the easiest, fastest and cheapest IT contracting vehicle of its kind. As we embark on the next great chapter in NITAAC history, bringing the Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 4 (CIO-SP4) GWAC to fruition, the same foundation upon which we built NITAAC remains intact. Perfection takes time and for that reason, we have decided to extend our CIO-SP3 GWAC, both unrestricted and small business, through 1/06/23 on our latest modifications. This ensures there is no break of service during the award of CIO-SP4. More importantly, it ensures continued coverage for our customers who rely on NITAAC to fulfill their IT agency missions. 

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me anything, it is that in life, sometimes you must pivot for a better level of success. From working remotely to wearing masks to virtual learning for our children, we’ve all learned to be nimble and adjust to our changing environment.  CIO-SP4 has taught us all those valuable lessons. Admittedly, our journey to CIO-SP4 has had many pivots, and has better positioned us for future goal attainment. There has been much dialogue among our industry partners about the number of amendments and even our recent round of notifications to those who were deemed ineligible. Please ignore the chatter. Every action we have taken to date has been done with one goal in mind—bringing to market the most effective and efficient IT GWAC, with the most qualified contractors to meet our agency customer IT needs. 

Although a lot of things around us have changed, customer service and our commitment to excellence remain the same. You will see that commitment continue to shine through with the extension of CIO-SP3 and, more importantly, as we bring to market CIO-SP4. I am excited about what the future holds for NITAAC and look forward to ushering in the next chapter of NITAAC’s history.