Strategic Solutions

NITAAC Unveils New Laptop, Desktop and Tablet Specifications Available Through Government-Wide Strategic Solutions (GSS) Program

The GSS Working Group, which consists of NITAAC, GSA and NASA SEWP issued new Standard Laptop, Desktop, and Tablet Specifications v4.0 for the Government-Wide Strategic Solutions (GSS) online marketplace. Offering Apple and PC laptops, desktops, tablets and two-in-ones, GSS features a wide array of quality IT products for federal civilian and DoD agencies. With the latest update to GSS, NITAAC has also updated its stock of available product specifications, making it easier than ever for agencies to choose the specifications that best meet their budget and mission demands.

The GSS program features the latest laptops and desktops at the most cost-effective price-points available. That is because NITAAC GSS is proud to adhere to Category Management tenants that ensure government agencies are acquiring IT products and services in an efficient and price-consistent manner. The Federal Government spends over $50 billion a year on hardware, software, telecommunications, IT security, and IT professional services through tens of thousands of contracts and delivery orders. The Category Management Leadership Council (CMLC) has taken steps to improve the acquisition and management of common IT goods and services to drive greater performance, efficiencies and savings. This initiative is starting with laptops and desktops through programs like NITAAC GSS, but will eventually encompass other areas, like Cloud services and Cybersecurity.

Further, NITAAC has served as one of three “Best in Class” sources for purchasing laptops and desktops for civilian agencies since October 16, 2015. “Best in Class” contracts reduce the amount of effort individual buyers must spend finding and researching acquisition solutions. That’s because “Best in Class” vehicles must meet OMB criteria for preferred contracting vehicles, including:

  • Pre-vetted, government-wide contract solutions;
  • Modernized solutions that are mature and market-proven;
  • Optimized spending through the governmentwide category management framework; and
  • Readily available transactional data to facilitate agency level and government-wide analysis of buying behavior

With Category Management principles and a “Best in Class” certification, NITAAC GSS allows agencies to buy their laptops, desktops and tablets with confidence, knowing that they are receiving the highest quality products at the most competitive prices possible.

Check out what NITAAC GSS has to offer for yourself. NITAAC’s Ordering Guide makes it easy to purchase product offerings under the NITAAC GSS program. To view ordering guides and place your GSS order, visit NITAAC-GSSv3-Ordering-Guide_2.pdf.