Digital Dental Radiography Solution (DDRS) Program

Requesting Agency
DoD - Air Force
Project Cost
Project Timeframe
4 Years

Force 3 has designed and implemented a Digital Dental Radiography Solution (DDRS) for 79 Air Force dental clinics, including eight (8) overseas clinics to include: Anderson Air Base, Guam; Lajes Air Base Portugal; Osan and Kunsan Air Bases, Korea; Yokota, Misawa and Kadena Air Bases, Japan; and Hickam AFB, Hawaii. The AF Medical Service required a digital dental imaging enterprise solution designed to provide AF dental personnel with the ability to process, print, share and store dental images, making our service men and women more accessible and combat-ready. Force 3's DDRS solution eliminates the need for film development with the conventional means of using darkrooms and harmful photographic chemicals, thus creating a more environmentally safe work area. Because Force 3's ECAT contract had hit its ceiling, NIH ECSIII was an alternative contract to procure the solution for many of the task orders.