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Where are the experts on Health IT?

Information technology has become interconnected with the healthcare field. The two have grown exponentially in the last two decades and will stay at the top of the federal agenda, particularly as the government implements initiatives like the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan.

This interconnectedness has made it important to give government agencies access to many avenues of business. However, agencies need to recognize where the experts are.

With our ties to the National Institutes of Health and our history in healthcare, we at NITAAC are uniquely poised to help. We have two Government Wide Information Contracts (GWACs) through which agencies can get a wide range of health IT-related products, services and solutions. The GWACs offer health applications, such as enterprise-wide health information, health infrastructure support, like cybersecurity, and more complex science- and research-based technologies, including multi-model biometrics.

Our GWACs even come with the assurance of pre-screened and highly qualified companies. On top of that, many contract-holders have already participated in the largest Federal initiatives.

As federal acquisition remains a complicated and time-consuming activity, our contracts are backed by a fast, flexible online system for the fastest competition and awards. Furthermore, NITAAC’s experts provide innovative approaches to an acquisition—from its outset to the closeout. NITAAC reimagines acquisition as an efficient and effective way to accomplish agency missions. We are also focused on providing laser-focused customer support.

Mix ease, innovation, and service with expertise in health IT, and I guarantee NITAAC will be the go-to solution.


Here’s a link to the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan: