Friday, October 15, 2021 - 8:00 - 10:00am
Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagement: Doing Business with HHS and the Lessons of COVID 19

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NITAAC Deputy Director, Mr. Ricky Clark will be speaking. To register, please visit the event website. NITAAC is not responsible for registration.

Event overview: HHS has multiple agencies and components, touching on different aspects of health and human services. The pandemic stretched these agencies and exposed gaps in what they did and how they did it. Former and current HHS officials will share their experiences during the pandemic and how those lessons will drive the department forward.

An important part of the conversation will be how contractors can better serve the mission of this critical government customer.

Other discussion topics will include:

  • NITAAC, its contracts and how it is evolving.
  • New HHS initiatives and priorities around data collection and data analytics
  • How the department is applying lessons from the pandemic
  • What contractors should do to support their customer
  • Departmental budget trends, and where new spending is likely to emerge

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