Turnkey Solutions Help Navy Maintain Cybersecurity

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Cambridge International Systems, Inc., a NITAAC CIO-SP3 Small Business Contract Holder, recently used two turnkey cybersecurity data review tools that were created in coordination with STIGsolution to support Cambridge’s Navy client, who was looking for a better way to efficiently maintain their cybersecurity and IT business systems. The limited functionality and availability of their existing tools forced them to complete manual data review and analysis – which was tedious, costly and often unreliable.

In response, Cambridge developed two turnkey cyber software solutions that completely changed the landscape of their client’s data review processes.


Department of Defense cybersecurity professionals must comply with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) regulations. One framework – known as “STIG” (Security Technical Implementation Guide) – stipulates security guidelines for Department of Defense (DOD) devices and systems. There are hundreds of STIGs maintained and regularly updated by the DOD and security professionals are tasked with generating checklists to ensure compliance. Manual creation of STIG checklists is monotonous, time-consuming and prone to error.

Cambridge’s STIGRevolution allows users to load multiple files and create checklists instantly. In practice, the tool can create fifty checklists in ten seconds – a task that would typically take well over an hour. StigRevolution also enables users to review the results from multiple checklists at one time, providing greater testing accuracy.


.Nessus files are generated by security scans to evaluate an organization’s network vulnerability. And, because it can be challenging for cybersecurity professionals to extract and review relevant information in an easily digestible format, NessViewer streamlines the process by generating common data views at the click of a button. Results are easily exported to Excel or formatted for PowerPoint presentations. Tasks that previously took hours now take minutes and manual review errors are eliminated.

The application includes flexible reporting formats and can be tailored to provide meaningful metrics for each organization.

StigRevolution and NessViewer provided Cambridge’s Navy client with a range of benefits, including cost and time savings, reduced errors and increased efficiency. They have already been launched by the Army, NASA and other commercial clients.

The tools can be implemented by a wide range of organizations to streamline their processes for monitoring and maintaining security. Cambridge can accommodate requests for additional features or customized versions to support unique needs. Learn more at cbridgeinc.com and explore the tools at STIGsolution.com.

Federal agencies can acquire this type of solution through Cambridge International Systems, Inc. on the NITAAC Best in Class Government-Wide Acquisition Contract CIO-SP3 Small Business. This Best in Class vehicle allows for ease of use and accelerates outcomes for agencies.

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