Rerepresentation of Business Size

The Rerepresentation of Business Size Memorandum and SBA Presentation provide guidance to NITAAC GWAC holders who need to rerepresent their business size under their contract.

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This sample is for informational purposes only. Modification is required before use.

Name Date Added Format Download
NITAAC SB Roundtable – Size Recertification and Multiple Awards application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation Download
NITAAC Memorandum on Business Size Rerepresentation application/pdf Download

How to Use This Tool

  • Use this tool to determine if your business needs to re-represent its business size on the CIO-SP3 GWAC.

Tips on Using This Tool

  • Leverage this tool within 30 days after execution of a novation agreement.
  • Leverage this tool within 30 days after a merger or acquisition that does not require a novation.
  • For long-term contracts, leverage this tool within 60 to 120 days prior to the end of the fifth year of the contract or within 60 to 120 days prior to the date specified in the contract for exercising any option thereafter.

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